Dinosaur Pile-Up "Nature Nurture"

At first it's an instant reminder of everything The Vines did in the early 2000's but Dinosaur Pile-Up instantly shift pace into an alternative cherub rock band, and the surfer/stoner tendencies are absolutely delightful.
     At a time where Basement seems to be everything the kids care about, Nature/Nurture falls right alongside Promise Everything and Colleen Green's "I've Got To Stop Doing Things That Are Bad For Me" attitude. The tunes here are modest; no solos, fancy drumming, no loops, just straight quality songwriting for those interested in rocking out a few sing alongs.
     I'd even go as far to say that this is a modern day Saves The Day, but it's clear that only time will tell if these tracks have the same lasting power as the collection of tracks Chris & Co. stole our hearts wth in '99 on Through Being Cool.

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