Graviton "Massless"

Graviton are an interesting blend of Intronaut, Pelican and Red Sparrows but still manage to have an identity of their own in the sludge ridden technical release Massless.
     Some of the droning on goes for a little too long and the stale samples are really a waste of everyone's time because Sky Eats Airplane never really got anywhere and neither did anything that came out of the outfit before or after did either. The vocals range from coos to wailing but never turn full throttle into bottomed out bellows. For a while I honestly thought that the group were an instrumental outfit, but there are traces of a singer here and there. The guitars are plain and simple and the drums, well, they bang, I guess, but for an album with such an animated cover and such a gnarly title, I really did expect to get blown away a little. Tracks like "Hadron" bring to mind the casual moments of most BTBAM releases but hardly soars anywhere exciting in its endless five minute linger. 
     I guess it's music for the sake of being music but just another release here in The Recently Added. Why some of the tracks go past the five or six minute mark is completely beyond me. I'd recommend checking out some of their peers if you're interested in what's going on here or are looking for metal that's a little left of center and not interested in letting these endless cycles of blah blah melody and lingering waste your listening efforts.

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