Eternal Sleep "The Emptiness Of"

I never thought it would get any better than Harms Way, but along came The Emptiness Of with the same unrelenting passion for recorded aggression, and if you still have a few vases laying around after trolling their discography, Eternal Sleep give you an opportunity to throw some more shit out the window.
     "Last Kind Words" comes at you like a drunk ex-girlfriend, while "Red Herring" and "Flesh/Blood" are right off of Blinded with its own unique vocal approach. The tracks simply don't let up and instantly pummel you, one by one, while the emotion from the rhythm section is captured so well that it's only a few tours before these guys sit high next to some of the top shelf contenders in the market.
     2016 has been an unbelievable year for metal and hardcore and Eternal Sleep are sitting high on top of the BCS polls right now, reigning supreme with their latest installment of groove oriented hardcore infused metal. For those sitting around listening to Turnstile and Basement, don't negotiate this ruthless release and make sure you brought a helmet so the bats don't get you.

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