Puscifer "Money $hot"

It's surprising that so many people are so offended that Tool hasn't released an album is so long when Puscifer is practically doing what a mature Tool fan would be expecting the group to be churning out.
     Maynard and Co. pump some real spacey grooves for the first half of the album. "Grand Canyon" is a huge leap of faith that executes beautifully and almost salvages Kennan's insanity. The lyrical content at times a bit too comedic to be taken seriously impacts the group from reaching catapulted, exponential exposure. But it's obvious the band is operating in its own fashion to its own dynamic and has a separate agenda from what the public may expect from a traditional supergroup of sorts to be performing.
     The execution and song writing here is brilliant, and it's obvious why Maynard may not be taking a Tool outing as seriously as most of the people on Earth would like for him to be. He's already operating on such a higher level with Money Shot, that alongside a few arena shows and festival displays a year, and his luscious vineyard - Kennan may have just found harmony and equilibrium of productivity and exposition in a demanding entertainment industry that wants to milk him for all he's worth, and he just finds himself to be a little more valuable than just another tangible.

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