Hatebreed "The Concrete Confessional"

Forever known as one of the hardest franchises in the business, Hatebreed have managed to dish out their seventh collection in The Concrete Confessional. While not exactly Perseverance and not quite Supremacy either, their latest installment finds the band in refreshed form, still able to stay relevant in a metal scene that has adapted time and time again into an amalgamation of various variables that aim to claw for the public's attention.
     It's obvious that Jasta's voice has greatly shifted throughout the years. When Satisfaction dropped almost twenty years ago Jamey was just a young pup. He was emotionally torn and angry and he hadn't quite developed his tone as a professional voice of metal. Now almost three decades in the making, there's an obvious formula in place that can be heard on the band's past three records.
     The lyrics are a blend of social angst and overcoming, the guitars are sharp as all hell and give a good solo every now and then, and the drums stay true to what they do, but I'm totally surprised there hasn't been a blast beat in a Hatebreed record yet with all this "coffee, death metal, and push ups" chatter that The Jasta Show always talks about.
     At the end of it all, a Hatebreed record will always be like a steak dinner. It might not be Peter Luger's, but it's certainly worth sitting down for, and giving it the attention it deserves.

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