Pity Sex "White Hot Moon"

The over explosion of acts like Pity Sex, Nothing, Superheaven, Basement and Title Fight is reminiscent of the hardcore revival that saw bands like Expire, Backtrack, King Nine and Incendiary make a scene for themselves in '13-'14. It's great to see kids make a sound of their own from a traditional format, then surround themselves with friends and family who're doing the same thing and slapping tour packages together.
     While Turnover, Tigers Jaw and Adventures have all tried to get this close, it's only Pity Sex that reaches the chalice of victory on White Hot Moon. "Plum" strums aside a voice so lush it fills the room, and "Pin A Star" can single handedly shut down the party. Let's not forget "Nothing Rips Through Me," which could have well been on a completely separate 7".
     While not as aggressive as Nothing's Tired Of Tomorrow or as challenging the status quo as Citizen's Everybody..., Pity Sex are in a spotlight of their own and deserve at least a few spins amongst some of the greats. 

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