Sinistro "Semente"

Now this is just some straight up brilliant stuff right here. If we thought we were even remotely close to being on to something with Fallujah's most recent release, Sinistro is here to raise a wrath of fury with their latest opus Semente.
     Just what exactly is going on in the vocal department with these guys? Album opener "Partida" coos just enough to get your attention, but it's not too long before "Corpo Presente" has your full attention, wondering just how these guys (and girls) made these sounds possible. The first three tracks alone are so powerful that it's only fair that the title track cuts the album in half and steadies the realm a bit.
     As the album progresses the riffs come as a lush wave of sludge and stoner doom delight, but it's only when the voice creeps in that true bliss is realized. This is not to downplay the extent of the songwriting and the incredible string and rhythm sections of Sinistro, in fact they're so incredible that it's only expected that the front woman here operate on a higher level vocally to be able to match their expertise. 
     I can't just rave about an album track by track saying and then there's this one, and it's absolutely brilliant and then there's this one! But in this case it's true. If you ever understood what Swarm Of The Lotus were trying to do, imagine it with the best of Deftones roaring highs alongside raging pianos and endless strum arrangements you'd be delighted to land at this doorstep. Do not overlook this release and give it the straight seven tracks in a row it so rightfully deserves. The album closer truly is worth building up for.

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