Spite "Spite"

Spite are that special bread of deathcore that just could care less about how lazily they come off, as long as their blend of beatdown, downtempo, and death metal don't get grouped up with anything less than ruthlessness. While not as polished as Carnifex, I Declare War, or Messenger Of The Covenant (who is probably more in Spite's league than the other two), Spite knows how to stay interesting, even while falling short in comparison to acts like Jynx, Filth, Monsters, and Feign.
     The production is on point and the album is fun enough to not stay around painstakingly long and unnecessarily lingering in presence. The voice is a smooth blend between gory goo, death growl, and Despised Icon-esque dual associate approach.
     Not worthless enough to say it's forgettable, but not good enough to be necessary, alas! we have our first 1.5.

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