Suburban Scum "Ultimate Annihilation"

Suburban Scum unfortunately have so much hub bub and controversy surrounding them, that it's probably going to take years for me to make it out to one of their shows again.
     While previously championing some of the finest two step, traditional break beat hardcore, the band found themselves secluded and in trouble as the dust settled after alleged involvements in a riot-style beating that left someone in a hospital bed. Violence has always been a part of the scene, but when news of this got out, it seemed like perhaps the group was shutout and done for good. However, Ultimate Annihilation finds the group is energized form, crushing similarly to their prior releases and splits, almost as if no time has passed.
     If you're able to put the drama where it belongs, on the Internet and out of your life, then pick up another solid hardcore release from a few guys who know how to rock the fuck out. Perhaps a little too wild to be friends with, the record is certainly worth spinning a few times when you're in the mood for the aggros and are able to disassociate the act from their reputation.

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