World Of Pain "End Game"

World Of Pain are both everything that should and should not be in the beatdown community. On End Game it's obvious that the act has taken everything they've seen from the modern amalgamation of tough guy hardcore and lazily sloshed together their interpretation of their fandom.
     Obviously everything has to be influenced by something, but what we have here after everything we've been through and have been exposed to in the last two years is just a half hearted attempt to be a part of what bands like Feign, Domination, Rex, Heavyweight Division, Abhorrence, Paragon, Prophet, and Prestige have already mastered to the moon and back.
     It's more of the same on this one, but it's truly lazy effort. I'd say it's forgettable, but it's still a worthy addition to any beatdown shuffle and shouldn't be completely tossed aside for those still pursuing the heaviest of heavies.

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