Bane's Last Two Shows - Worcester, The Palladium

It's Sunday morning, the day after the last Bane show ever took place at Worcester and it truly is a sad day. While two shows with packed line ups alongside a world tour that lasted almost two years should have done the group justice, the truth is I'll never really be able to let go.
     Bane began in 1996 and for the past twenty years have hosted some of the wildest live shows in the business. With crowds constantly taking over the stage, Bane shows came with a reputation for a wild, yet safe time. A crowd that's compassionate and empathizes with the front row, yet never letting up on the endless stage dives and crowd bombs. The shows at The Palladium were no exception. With no barricade, the infamous venue hosted one of the longest Bane sets in the group's existence, with original members alternating throughout the night staying true to the lineup that originally captured the tunes. Six epic bands rounded off the two nights, providing an almost festival vibe to the whole affair.

(Is and always will be one of the greatest frontmen in hardcore)

     Aaron's banter in between songs has always been notable and their farewell is probably the biggest loss in hardcore we've experienced in a long time. His connection to youth and life's tribulations have always been personal moments of clarity and have provided inspiration during dark moments of uncertainty. Anything is possible in this world, and Bane have proved that. Now we can only hope a proper release follows these events so we can relive the moments time and time again in the comfort of our own homes, where Bane lyrics have built a foundation of hope for those who have been passionate about the scene.

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