Beartooth "Aggressive"

The resurgence of "Nu-Metal" has been getting spat about recently on numerous podcasts, reviews, blogs and countless other outlets, but nothing cements the sentiment any heavier than Beartooth's latest Aggressive
     Opening track makes it blatantly obvious that this is entertaining Lifer and Boiler Room fanatics. Although it will never be possible to replicate Relative Ash, Factory 81, 40 Below Summer, and Ultraspank - bands that I thought were Nu Metal's DNA (not Deftones and Korn, which seemed to grow and evolve into something over time and didn't just remain second sage openers at 11AM), Beartooth is at times embarrassing and cringe worthy to listen to. It's clear that their market audience is spoken to in "Loser" a track that hardly lasts, thankfully, as its lyrical content is entirely comical, but will obviously appeal to the youngsters who still buy physical copies of stuff aside from t-shirts and stickers. The rest of the riffage is everything we've heard on Papa Roach's endless catalogue which seemed to troll without end, and the rest of the creativity circles down the drain track by track. While "Hated" can be catchy after a few plays, it's really the writing that's a huge turn off, and anyone who reads or is even remotely educated will not be able to sustain repeated listens.
     I thought their first one was alright. I did enjoy Attack! Attack! (although completely different in style and nature), but this one is just too much to even be necessary. Caleb may have his alternative blah blah outfit behind him, but they've lost the attention of a specialist while probably gaining traction from countless others who will undoubtedly move on in a few years time. If it's just for the sake of music, so be it, it's just a shame it's instantly forgettable. Here's to seeing them Saturday at Download!

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