Radiohead "A Moon Shaped Pool"

It doesn't feel as if Radiohead has only been around long enough to pump out nine albums. In fact, it feels like their music is systematically everywhere, infused as part of the DNA link of my reality.
     This experience known as life would simply be completely void of passion, meaning, and direction if it weren't for Yorke and company blowing our minds every few years. The musicianship captured on each release, this one being no different, is instantly captivating and stand out amongst artists in every field. Alongside all of their other releases, A Moon Shaped Pool finds the band in ultimate form, charting new territory while also staying  true to their foundations. 
     Without spoiling the secrets of each track, there is more than enough here to peak your interest. It's obvious that anytime a Radiohead album is released it instantly catapults to the top, leading the year of releases and best of lists. In this case, it isn't any different. Radiohead deserve the accolades they've earned, and their career didn't really even need another album. But instead we get another gem in the mix, standing high above the genres. Make room for an hour and some change and get the coffee ready for the after chatter.

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