Nails - Marlin Room, Webster Hall

In case you've missed out on all the hype, you know Nails is a force to be reckoned with. Much like Code Orange after their release of I Am King, Nails have taken the world by storm with their latest opus You Will Never Be One Of Us. At Webster Hall Wednesday night they packed house at the Marlin Room with a few good openers in tow.
     Eternal Sleep is everything you'd think they would be off record. Loud distorted bass, ripping guitars, and a killer frontman make them stand side by side with some of the best. With time, they too can make an impact on the hardcore community it will just depend on their level of perseverance to their craft and the ability to stay relevant in niche markets.

(Eternal Sleep bring to mind Garms Way's presence and ripping intensity)

     God's Hate followed and played a decent set, while the vocals at times are a bit too monotone for me. Full Of Hell followed which I never understand. A band that pumps out the baddest grind this side of the Mississippi, yet litters their set with so much noise and empty space that it making it through the set really becomes a chore. 
     Nails really didn't waste any time in getting on stage. It probably took Full Of Hell longer to get their act together than it did for the headliner. Todd Jones & co. come out like Neanderthals, instantly kicking out a slew of jams that split the room in half. Their discography is unrelenting and really has no holes in it, so alongside a perfect catalogue, there really isn't much Nails can do wrong live. Their execution of the tracks are nearly perfect and their energy and enthusiasm for the show are simply unmatched. In a time of absolute media saturation, Nails are a refreshing find in a polluted field. Truly worth the effort if you're in its path.

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