Nails "You Will Never Be One Of Us"

Much of what's been said about Nails' latest outing is true. It is absolutely relentless. Much like what Cult Leader accomplished on their fantastic Lightless Walk, the production of the low end is just incredibly captured that it develops an undertone of sorts that just lingers beneath the chaotic vocal delivery and wailing of buzzsaw guitars.
     Nails are just a really heavy band. They don't break it down, they don't two step, they don't down tempo. They come out like Blood Has Been Shed on "Goodbye To The Gallowsand simply don't let up for an entire album. However, It's hard to toss this album into AOTY status as there's not really much depth in the release. Sure, there's an extended closer at the end of the album that proves promising, but unfortunately by then, so much has already happened that there's really no way of not pigeon holing this release as absolute brutality and just knowing that it's always there for the sake of its existence.

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