Thrice "To Be Everywhere Is To Be Nowhere"

Umm... so when did Thrice turn into Ray LaMontagne? Perhaps it was that time when Kensrue disengaged to form a solo folk outfit that, for me, was a pain to listen to. What's instantly noticeable is this leakage of influence from first track "Hurriance," and although rarely finding themselves in traditional form, the album consistently strives to showcase just how much the dudes have grown.
     It's been thirteen years since Artist In The Ambulance and probably 300 more since Identity Crisis, and it's also almost been a decade since the whole Vheissu phase as well as the entire Alchemy Index which is something I committed to time capsuling until the year 2035. So it's obvious to find the tones more mellow, well played, passionately strummed, and politely delivered. What's not expected is how mundane the tracks flow, one right into the next. It takes forever for "The Window" to do it's closer, and "Wake Up" could really have used a stronger title, as well as stronger lyrics. Every song in between and after is not any more or less memorable than the next but the album seems to linger quite a while before wrapping up with a respectable closer.
     At times Polar Bear Club, and at others just your average rock band, Thrice pump out just enough steam to call their ninth outing an album. While the question of whether they're back in full form still lingers, promising summer tours and future plans prevail.

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