Taste Of Chaos 2016 - Jones Beach, NY

While it's been years since this lineup owned the airwaves, it's obvious that nothing throughout the last fifteen years has really come out to replace these acts. While Taking Back Sunday may refer to themselves as a "nostalgia" act, the truth is that their fans are still alive and well and interested in what they're doing. Motion City Soundtrack celebrated what would be their last set in New York, following two packed shows at Irving Plaza a few nights before. While not on the remainder of the tour, their welcome feature was certainly a delight with the group focusing on hits from their classic Commit This To Memory.

(Motion City saying goodbye)

     It's concerning what Saosin and Early November were even really doing there with the entire venue being entirely empty when they were on, aside from a few die hards in the orchestra level early on. Even with Anthony Green, Saosin just couldn't find the crowd to be bothered by their production. By the time Dashboard came on, the crowd was ready for entertainment, and Carrabba still holding down the emo fortress as one of the greatest of all time. Playing tunes from everything up to Dusk And Summer it seemed as if the band were avoiding Alter The Ending and The Shade Of Poison Trees, two albums which I find to have some of the greatest tracks in their discography.

(Taking Back Sunday in their element as a local favorite)

     It's nice to see longevity in these bands as many of their peers throughout the years have split up, shifted members or created worthless albums never to be seen or heard again. While it may not be high school anymore and everyone who connected with these tracks is ten or more years removed from their adolescence, there's something to be said about being able to round up a crowd of 15,000 years after a band's most relevant release.

(A classic night from Carrabba and his new band)

(For those looking to relive the night)

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