The Claypool Lennon Delirium "Monolith Of Phobos"

Alas, another Les Claypool release to add amongst his thorough catalogue of misfit outfits and laboratory wild card musical supergroups. This one being so magical to feature Lennon Jr. and co. partnering up on what is quite an incredible front to back experience from the get go. While "Breath Of A Salesman" is almost instantly recognized as "Robot Chicken," the rest of the album features transcendental anthems in "Cricket And The Genie,"  the wondrous tale of "Oxycontin Girl"  and the quackbuster of a tune "Mr. Wright."  
     Why Claypool insists in making his life littered with countless projects is completely beyond ones rational mind. Alongside Devin Townsend and Trent Reznor, Les just might be one of the most productive members of the music community. If you're looking for more from the enigma that brought you countless classics in the past, pick up Monolith if you're interested in an efficient packaging of just about everything we've come to expect from the madman at the wheel that wastes no time in capturing your attention with gnarly story telling and off the wall stream of consciousness.

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