Black Peaks "Statues"

Black Peaks is pretty much England's Every Time I Die. Slick tunes with a witty approach and an uncompromising live show that goes hand in hand with madness. Statues sounds similar to what Palm Reader tried to accomplish last year but fell short in writing any real memorable tracks. Although their album was a step above average, there was still not enough there to have us humming their latest anthemic assault.
     It's not that being from England strips away a band's ability to be so brash and daring. Countless bands have hailed from the U.K. to dominate punk's underground and mainstream appeal. But it's those underbelly subtleties that stick out that showcase what a proper upbringing led to the band's formation. Not that I know anything about their backgrounds, it's just a flavor that's left behind on the album that lets us know that these guys read the newspaper and grew up with a tv at home.
     Regardless of their mish-mash execution, and no matter how far off the band can lose control, it's their discipline that always reels them back in. Whether for better or for worse, Black Peaks wrote a respectable release that is uniquely them. Perhaps a second release or EP can steer the band in the right direction to establish a proper identity that will help them stand out amongst endless bands who're already doing the same thing.

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