Perdition "Lost Rites"

Perdition gives us some classic death ala black metal tendencies with enough new school maneuvers to make their brief EP absolutely necessary.
      While the blasts may not combat anything Slaughter To Prevail has attempted, or even challenge Sumerian's catalogue, Lost Rites is a return to form for the genre reminiscent of early Black Dahlia. If this is the same Perdition that gave us This Wretched World, then it's obvious there's been a shift in dynamic, as that EP almost shattered windows when I first heard it. The keys were just all over the place and the guitars and vocals were way too much for mortal ears. Today, we find some sloppy, hard riffage, unrelenting picking and plucking of strings, and alongside the unrelenting keys, the whole composition makes for a rather intense listen.
     The vocals are fun and animated, but probably not as brutal as they probably should be for Perdition to make it further than the front yard. But if the band manages to stay original and enhance their creative output, alongside their immaculate skill set, they should be just fine if this should ever make it further than their local precinct.  

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