Feverwar "Bible And Sword"

At times a bit like Bring Me The Horizon on their latest catapult to radio rock, Feverwar collect an interesting batch of eclectic-electronically fueled aggressive-abrasive radio rock anthems.
     It's odd that these guys haven't exploded yet and that this album has gotten so little acclaim. While not exactly revolutionary, Bible And Sword seems to capture just enough of what the kids want to stay relevant. It seems like there really isn't any strategy anymore these days and it's really anyone's guess as to what success a band will experience in their longevity.
     But for Feverwar it truly is a shame. Their album finds a fresh sound and relevant taste catering to a scene that thrives on countless copycat acts and like-minded artists. Why they haven't reached heightened success is anyone's guess, but Feverwar truly have a sound that's all their own, that with the right mindset and hustle can be a heavyweight in rotational touring packages.

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