Love & Death "Between Here & Lost"

Love & Death bring to mind a Liquid Gang approach to their Sevendust-esque Nu-Metal. While occasionally showcasing metalcore roots, it's a blend between Home and Legend's Valediction that truly cements their sound.
     While these tunes are either ready for rock radio or ready to be overlooked is anyone's guess, but with this album already celebrating its third birthday and it only coming around the radar right now it's obvious that this isn't going to land a direct support spot alongside Five Finger Death Punch or Volbeat.
     Which is sad, because this is way better than those two. If we're already talking about cheesy rock made for the common man, than why not let it be Love & Death? Where tracks like "Watching The Bottom Fall" really give Seether a run for their money. Although the longevity of these sounds may be debatable, it's not entirely worth overlooking.

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