American Nightmare "Reunion Documentary" Blu Ray

There's really not a shortage of documentary on the rise of American Nightmare, their ruthless grassroot influence, their time spent as Give Up The Ghost, or their resurgence to the mix in the past couple of years. Deathwish knew they had a marketable product as soon as these two shows were announced and quickly embraced the opportunity to capture the events at hand.
     I got an opportunity to catch one of the first "reunion" shows at Webster Hall when they played with Code Orange, and it was everything that's captured here. Wall climber, stage divers, and forty thieves on stage videotaping and photo bombing every moment. The camaraderie on stage at these shows is absolutely ridiculous and it feels like the band is sometimes engulfed by people, which I find to be a little ridiculous and am even surprised Wes lets that many people side by side with the band.
     For a guy who's been leading an electronic duo outfit to respectable heights, Wes knows how to cater back to his foundations. The setlists are an AN greatest hits and it's some of the best footage that's ever been captured and the band seems almost as excited as when their 7" were still being slung around hot circles. 
     The editing of both sound and film are superb and for any fan of hardcore, this is a required addition to the library. Don't miss the documentary footage that talks about the rise and spread of hxc influence. The people that were picked to discuss truly are the embodiment of the culture and their insight should not be overlooked.

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