Baby Metal "Metal Resistance"

In case you've lived in a hole for the past two years you've definitely been exposed to the explosion that is Baby Metal. But whether you've had the guts to click play and listen to what they have to offer really makes all the difference. The trio has hailed from Japan's talent pool and imported their brand of pop infused metal and unique sound into the metal community. As if Kid Robot had a band, the girls are aided by a serious backline of pro musicians who rip through the tracks hoping they morph into Lamb Of God.  The band was put together by a talent agency, and there were a few variations of this group before it was finally branded.
     Metal Resistance is the band's second complete release. "KARATE" is this album's "Gimme Chocolate!!" for those familiar with the group and haven't completely overlooked their efforts. For everyone else, it's crucial to know that a few songs truly are worth listening to, if not for the metal aspect of the band, then at least the cultural appeal should be respected. 
     The girls sing and coo interestingly enough with metal support that the fusion of sounds is attractive to a commercial ear.  This explains why the band is constantly plopping on mega festivals all over the world. But if the group is truly trying to compete in the global metal realm, they're going to need more than a live gimmick on record. The plain and simple fact is that the girls really don't sing all that much. Out of fifteen songs on this release, there's maybe a handful of songs where the vocals really paint a palette like their major singles. The band sometimes is just found banging senselessly throughout the record, and there's way better musicians out there than Baby Metal's backline. 
     When the group performs live and indoors, alongside their stunning light show and choreography, the space between vocals and jamming makes sense. But on the record, when there's just minutes and minutes on end of spacey interludes and just "dude's rockin' out," there's not much to convert true enthusiasts who perceive this as either a childish gimmick or just something cute that'll be around for a little bit before Suzuka Nakamoto grows a couple more years and breaks off and forms her own band.

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