Bad Omens "Bad Omens"

It's with disappointing shame that Bad Omen's album opens with "Glass Houses," a song that obviously competes with anything Bring Me The Horizon has been trying to accomplish throughout time. An obvious marketing scheme that will most likely deter people away from the band, or already paint a picture for what they may or may not be for those unfamiliar with the band's image. What's nice to note is that the band instantly becomes a Nu-Metal sensation on "Exit Wounds" which sounds like something off of Sw1tched's debut. They have no shame in showering themselves in the purity of this territory and each song is a lush bundle of epic production.
     The rest of the album churns out Korn-like hits and choruses that reign big and essentially do draw back into that BMTH blend of alternative arena rock and electronics that is almost Linkin Park at times.  "Feral" honestly sounds like something right out of Meteora b-sides. There's a few Reznor sail aways with "Crawl" being a real stand outIt's a rehashed sound and Sumerian certainly knows how to pick them. Some of the riffing is silly, and some of the direction at times is a bit too animated or far-fetched into sub-Stabbing Westward territory, but for what it's worth some of the ballads here are reminiscent of Tonight Alive only on a slightly more goth level and do have a bit of a hook to their anthems.

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