Bleak "No Light, No Tunnel"

We may have struck oil on this one. How do you get old school classic sounds of The Locust, Converge, and Swarm Of The Lotus with the inventiveness of Inevitable End and Palm Reader? Don't look at me for answers, instead spend time indulging in Bleak's latest and greatest.
     Is this Will Haven on "Crowley"? OMG what am I listening to? Time and time again Bleak chameleon themselves in and out of chaos with supernatural elasticity and inventiveness and it truly reignited a calloused listeners passion for the aggressive genres.
     It goes without saying that while the core of the band is simply superb, the vocal department knows how to hold down the fort by showcasing eclectic angles on traditional forms. In the end, No Light, No Tunnel is a true blast and shouldn't be dismissed as just another riff raff act trying to carve a mark.

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