Carnifex "Slow Death"

While the band has been churning out super-buttery blast beaten, groove metal carnage for the better part of the last decade, Slow Death finds Carnifex honing in on special nuances that have been perfected throughout their career.
     While not as superb as Hell Chose Me or their ruthless "best-of" Die Without Hope, the band fine tune the skills they've been working on for years. Carnifex sounds like a factory pumping out angry anthems for production to package neatly to consumers. "Pale Ghost" is a great example of their latest amalgamation, and the title track takes center stage to cast a shadow over the entire release.
     While the songs, vocals and grooves don't necessarily take the band to unexplored terrain,  Slow Death is a testament to their creativity, which apparently is loaded with ideas that hopefully can bring the fans another half dozen albums for the next ten years.

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