Entheos "The Infinite Nothing"

For those wondering where Evan Brewer went after those two stunning instrumental albums and a rugged stint with The Faceless, you can look no further. Entheos are right up Evan's belt and definitely don't shy away from showcasing his explosive talent on bass.
     At only eight tracks and under forty minutes, a ton of the guitar tone has SiKth vibe, but the pedals and mixing are obviously all Entheos. There's a ton going on that's going to simply have to be explained live, but it's clear that the band has the talent and the ability to drive unique, interstellar results.
     While the vocal department is not as talented as the rest of the players, who can actually say what kind of a voice would had been truly proper. I'm sure Brewer couldn't have handled another instrumental release (what's he really doing on "New Light"?) and the comraderie from a group this talented is something g that's truly extraordinary. But alongside the electronics, showmanship of the instrumentals, and all around packaging of this release, I honestly don't think anybody really cares what else anyone had in mind, when such a unique output is captured by these metal all-stars.

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