Crystal Castles "Amnesty (I)"

It sounds like the duo finally figured out how to write music instead of farting out noises digitally from their synthesizers like they have been for their last two albums. Boy, what a mess those were. Some of the music after the group's debut was truly just too challenging and harsh to navigate that I'd almost consider Crystal Castles to be the black metal of EDM.
     Tracks like "Char" and "Enth" show the group having fun again, just like their early days, or maybe always just not on record, composing intriguing beats and creating a captivating allure to their melody. The super explosive "Sadist" dominates eardrums and takes KMFDM-like control of the grooves. Although Crystal Castles aren't qualified to really spit out an AOTY nominee, Amnesty does have enough artistry and pizzazz to make this one essential.

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