Fall 2016

With summer coming to a close and fall tours getting lined up to support new releases, bands are formulating marketing campaigns to woo us connoisseurs over and get our hard earned dosh sent in their way. I'm a big fan on splurging on my passions: records, tickets, merch, t-shirts, travel, frames for prints, etc. I won't hesitate to bend over backwards for what I love. With that being said, I expect the world, and this Fall I truly think we'll get that. So far 2016 has buttered us diehards over with endless re-releases for classic albums and tour packages and albums that have been produced to premier standards. Aside from the night I got smacked in the face with a microphone stand ten minutes into Dillinger's set at Rough Trade, it's been a tight year for live productions. Here's a list of upcoming "looking forward to's" that I think will shape the year proper to be one of the best we've had in a long time.

Every Time I Die Low Teens- Release after release ETID have surpassed all expectations. Aside from a slight dip back in the day with The Big Dirty, the band is coming off an explosive tour and right into another cycle that's going to cement them as one of the greats. September 23. Epitaph.

A Day To Remember Bad Vibrations - Quite possibly the biggest band in the world, ADTR march on with another collection to dominate the market. Let's see what producer Bill Stevenson was able to accomplish alongside this already impressive five piece. September 2. Epitaph.

Meshuggah The Violent Sleep Of Reason - Always being hailed as the Olympics in metal, Meshuggah return to take the crown. Like every release since Nothing, I'm sure we'll be taken to a new level. October 7. Nuclear Blast.

Trap Them Crown Feral - We should really just be enjoying everything McKenney does while he's still with us. These guys never disappoint. September 23. Prosthetic.

The Dillinger Escape Plan Dissociation - They're throwing in the towel. But not before a two year tour cycle that'll jeopardize their existence. Here's to seeing what they come up with on what I'd expect to be their magnum opus. AOTY hopeful. October 14. Party Smasher.

Expire With Regret - True rippers of HXC delight walking away. Here's to hoping i get to be in the same place at as the same time as these guys sometimes before it's all over. September 23. Bridge Nine.

Turnstile Move Thru Me - Hailed as one of the best in the game, can't wait to see what these masterminds have in store for us next. September 16. Pop Wig.

Opeth Sorceress - Continuing their reign in eclectic prog, it'll be interesting to see what the band comes up with after two incredible releases, each unique in their own way. September 30. Nuclear Blast.

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