Less Than Jake "See The Light"

It's tough to say that any Less Than Jake album is forgettable. Even though most of us lifelong fans who have been there since the mid-nineties really leave it to Hello Rockview and Borders & Boundaries if not Losing Streak to make up our fondest attachments to the group, See The Light shows that just like GNV FLA, Less Than Jake can step out of their own backyard and take their sound even further, refining it endlessly throughout time.
     The horns and melodies on "My Money Is On The Long Shot" and "The Loudest Songs" are just that. A solid bridge and an equally strong verse, with the signature Less Than Jake honk galore chorus. The rest of the album continues in a strong demeanor and every character is presented well. 
     The problem remains that the band has been doing this for so long now that it's almost expected what's going to come out of their mouth before they even take their first breath. Not that more Less Than Jake is ever a bad thing, but in the course of time when we're discussing new and exciting releases See The Light may be overlooked because, well, it's really just another Less Than Jake album. Although it's still really, really good, it'll unfortunately always be just that due to the strong titans laying in their discography. 
     But for those diehards who're looking for some direction from this narrative, it truly is a standout amongst their vast collection of EPs and singles.

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