Order 66 "Discord"

Focusing on key sounds that made Beneath The Massacre a strong staple in the underground metal club, Order 66 tries to iron out the kinks in the brutal techy space. While the grooves may be more prevalent than their friends in BTM, it's the noodly leads that take the comparison to match.
     Perhaps Order 66 would've had more success had this release seen the light of day a few years back, or maybe if the band listened to more music outside of what's regurgitated to the masses in the metal space then we'd have something worth more than just one or two listens.
     While the band is an impressive group of musicians, and it's great that they have friends to jam with, it's obvious they're just mediocre songwriters who desperately need a producer at this stage of their career. While even being able to put songs on an album with likeminded peers should be considered a feat, at a time when there's "so much saturation," not even second best deserves a chance. By the way, the terrible vocals in "Perpetually Finite" don't work, in case anybody else hadn't notice, because it really doesn't seem that the band has a clue.

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