Polyphia "Muse"

It's only second into "87" and the instrumental noodling kicks off. It's instantly noticeable just how incredible these dudes are at their gear. The stellar performance on the bass alongside an eclectic guitar section make this a great sound that's truly unique in the instrumental space.
     While nowhere near as aggressive Nemertines and not close enough to proginess of Liquid Tension Experiment, Polyphia can only keep the intrigue going for so long. After a few tracks a battle for competing elements ensues and there's very little to keep you rom turning off the album. 
     Muse could have benefitted from efficiency in this release and Polyphia could have spread out these tracks over the course of a few albums rather than just throwing up everything they know how to do on one release. But whatever, it got them an opening with Coheed for an entire summer, so here's a cheers to that.

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