Revocation "Great Is Our Sin"

Long hailing as just "that other metal band" on the roster, it's nice to see Revocation staying persistent after so many years. This album finds the guitar duo truly showcasing their ideas at Keene-like precision and it's their first release that feels as if they're writing music simply for the sake of writing music, for themselves away from foundational restraints.
     The first couple of tracks troll confidently, but it's only on "Communion" that we're forced to truly listen to what the band has to offer. From there it's just ballad, after ballad. The sorcery on "The Exaltation," and the roaring sexiness of "Profanum Vulgus," then the epic finish of their cover of "Altar Of Sacrifice," it's all painstakingly drool worthy. We haven't heard songwriting this good since The Faceless' debut back in '06 and it truly is some of the most refreshing metal we've heard in a long, long time.
     With the right road persistence and proper tour support, Revocation can shine as one of those bands that made metal relevant in a proper sense without endless pummeling and brutality. This one is not to be missed.

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