Silent Planet "Everything Was Sound"

The band has been making the rounds and made enough noise with all their podcasts and Warped Tour flailing that they couldn't continue to be overlooked. After the Shane Told podcast with Garrett Russell and his confession of his passion and desire to travel and make music, I had to engage the sound that accompanied these aspirations.
     While obviously the product of a brainchild, the release feels like one man's endeavor. All his ideas channeled through a few other dudes. At times a bit reminiscent of Sky Eats Airplane and other times a faint Architects by way of Hollow Crown, Silent Planet are one of the most interesting bands out there. While still young and naive and going in a million directions, some of the depths on this post malcore release (or is this just what Metalcore has become in 2016?) are instantly impressive. 
     There are moments when Silent Sleep goes full La Dispute and it's a damn shame they constantly rip pages out of their playbook. Instantly on the first track this comparison is blatantly evident. While the electronics, breakdowns, and deep low end vocals are exclusively all Silent Sleep, fans of La Dispute probably won't find much solace or comfort here, and admirers from both sides know a fake when they hear or see one. 

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