Thy Art Is Murder/The Acacia Strain/Fit For An Autopsy - "The Depression Sessions" split

Three of extreme metal's finest have come together to present a crisp collection of brutal tracks. Long seen as the leaders of their respective genre, the three bands give us a new track and one cover split over sides A/B.
     Before we derail, these are CJ's last remaining recordings with the group. Their cover of "Du Hast" is pretty fun and is interpreted in a cool fashion. The blast beat and double bass is in its turbo form and it's almost a laughable track. Their contributions to the EP are ruthless, but not much else was expected from the group that brought us one of the best records of 2015.
     The Acacia Strain always reign supreme and their track is so menacing and flavorful that it's surprising it hasn't made it to anything post Continent. This latest amalgamation of the band has truly defined its efforts well, and everything including their beautiful version of "Black Hole Sun" is so uniquely them that it's enjoyable to see the band still so persistent to their craft after countless years.
     Odd man out Fit For An Autopsy surprisingly sound super soft compared to the other two tracks. It sounds as if there is an alternative approach to the structure as well as the vocals and it's super soft until the band snaps out of it and goes back to blast beat ferocity. The closing breakdown is totally worth it and salvages all hope that is lost in the song's infancy.
     All in all this makes for a super split, loaded with three great tracks and three great covers that make an awesome addition to any collection.

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