Yüth Forever "Skeleton Youth Forever"

Villains, err... Yüth, excuse me, Yüth Forever's latest installment and their name change saga have unleashed their latest (and possibly last?) release for us underground friends to muster. The band continues with their blend of hip-hop infused, beat-oriented, sluggish-djent appeal alongside the predictable wail. While certainly no Hacktivist (even though the description certainly makes them sound alike, which they're definitely not), the band is certainly unique in their own aggressive angle.
     When the band plopped 10 Code as Villains a few years ago they showed tons of promise. While Freudian Slip was expected to be the scene's magnum opus, it came off as a jumbled mess that didn't really connect with the existing djent crowd like many thought they would. Once the legal debacle of their moniker came into the mix, it seemed as if all hell broke loose on the brand and that things would never get better.
     Yüth wasn't enough, and they had to change their name once again on their third of fourth release, and although the band sounds the same, it seems like all of those nonsense has made the band as monotonous as ever. The rhythms just chug along with no direction and it really just sounds like the first album all over again. While they've always been a relatively interesting band, there's no way this record is worth a second spin, possibly causing us to overlook this band and their endlessly retitled catalogue for good as they grace us with their final recording.

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