A Day To Remember "Bad Vibrations"

A new record! Amidst a sea of controversy with former label Victory Records, it's great to see one of the world's most popular bands make it into the spotlight with another collection of tracks that's apparently self-released under their very own LLC.
     Instantly noticeable is the band's aggressive leanings. Immediately, the album opener gives us a new chant to cling onto and it's obvious the band knows this will drive crowds at their huge shows. I see the band envisioning the mass of people swaying from side to side as they mush together forcibly to the sounds of their alarm clock breakdown. "Exposed" a gem on the record, showcases the group's hardcore tendencies and stays true to metalcore foundations with great harmony. From then on it's a back and forth of sorts. "Bullfight" is like post-Curse Atreyu, and "Reassemble" sounds like a Killswitch anthem. "Justified" has a buttery breakdown, and also showcases arena ballad build ups and a "once-in-a-lifetime" chorus. As always, ADTR blends their pop hooks with ruthless breakdowns. While not necessarily spastic throughout the same track, the album does continue to harness that split personality the band has toyed with since day one.
     When the band does go all in and embraces pop punk to the fullest it almost seems too easy. "We Got This" crushes anything State Champs and Neck Deep pumped out in their time away. Super bubbly, sugary verses parade world-class production and again, ADTR proves that they're the true professionals. While not as fine tuned to the ear as the latest Blink-182, it does play to different strengths that will satisfy most fans of the band's more upbeat moments.
    The metal influences the band still hangs onto are more prevalent on Bad Vibrations than they've been on ADTRs albums since Homesick. Over a decade in their career, they still sound forever young, with "Same About You" obviously being capable of plopping anywhere on a record that came out over seven years ago. Even though the band's shows continue to grow, the group has struggled to make it back to that audio peak they reached on their third release. But time and time again, ADTR manages to write a collection of songs that resonate with their expanding audience, stay true to their intentions, and cement themselves as one of the driving forces in contemporary alternative media.

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