Katalepsy "Gravenous Hour"

Instantly comparable to that same punch only Necrophagist knows how to pack, Katalepsy (not to be confused with lightweight deathcore outfit Catalepsy) shred a mean assault of technical brutality alongside monstrous gutturals, a slap happy bassist, and an array of eclectic noodlers that paint an animated death metal portrait.
     While perhaps not as interesting as what Kronos or Deceptionist are doing, Katalepsy are operating in a different league than the horde of Faceless-esque imposters. Instead of the common TDM, the band beats on grooves and mirrors the sounds of early Cephalic Carnage. Everything on this album sounds like it could've been found anywhere in the deep cuts of Relapse's early 00's catalogue. It's a welcome change and a stand out record, and for those missing quality metal in their palette shouldn't overlook the glory found in Gravenous Hour.

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