Ancients "Origins Of The Divide"

Not to be confused with the recent Season Of Mist hopeful, this version of Ancients is the Meshuggah-esque, djent masters of crushing brutality. The band has been long overdue for a release having released an EP and another album almost four years ago without as much as a peep of a venture in support of their creative outputs.
     And it's a damn shame. Opposite Elite and The Lyra Particle were two gems of intense metal that stood out in a time where deathcore and technical brutal death metal reigned supreme in a pool of mundane contributions to a scene that was long overdue for an overhaul. By the time anyone even picked up on the band, they were already on a self proclaimed hiatus and their social media was filled with enthusiasts begging for their resurgence. Origin Of The Divide is an obvious response to those pleas and instantly picks up where the band left off.
     If A Life Once Lost married Ion Dissonance, this release would be the couple's first argument. Technical  riffage and blast beats galore splatter across the tracks with purpose. The album is a refreshing break from the summer's batch of releases that varied in angles with many bands trying to branch out from their core sound. 
     What's frustrating is the band's lackluster marketing approach. With a super light string of followers, one would think the band would flutter their latest release on every medium. But here we are, weeks after the release date and the album can still only be found on bandcamp. If making a few dollars is more important than gaining the exposure they so rightfully deserve, then kudos to the band. Just like Richardson's impossible to find solo venture, the album is truly worth whatever they're charging for it. But for what it's worth, streaming is becoming the ultimate form of sharing creative collections, and it's a shame the band hasn't gotten scooped by Sumerian or Nuclear Blast to catapult them to notoriety.

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