Brain Drill "Boundless Obscenity"

For those unfamiliar with the band, expect eye-popping guitar wizardry and eclectic bass slapping alongside technically precise riffing and bullet train double bass. On their latest installment it's really business as usual, with a slight element of structure thrown in to the mix. 
     While Brain Drill remains one of the best in the TBDM space, Boundless Obscenity finds them toying with themes in their track. One listen to "Departed In Decay" and it's obvious we're miles away from their debut. The main guitar lick that returns throughout the track is a maturation to Brain Drill's sound, and it feels as if the band is starting to become more refined and establish boundaries for its sound. No longer does noodling just skyrocket out into outer space never to circle back again to the remainder of the track. 
     For fans of Suffocation, Necrophagist and foundational Cryptopsy it's impossible to know what's not to like. But for the rest of us mortals out there, it may take a couple more releases before we can put anything less than two years between the next time we'll physically able to handle Brain Drill's album from front to back.

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