Cassius "Ibifornia"

Don't let the title sway you away. This isn't one of those classic house records that just roar haphazardly. Cassius is a tasteful venture and the elements captured here, although ranging drastically from scenic audio to full on techno assault, Ibifornia is a classic release that should not be overlooked.
     While guest appearances make themselves apparent throughout, title track is a true standout with sounds of the wilderness that play alongside a super groovy track. "Ponce" is another instant favorite and these two gems feature no one on their efforts. "Go Up" features Pharrell and Cat Power is another standout that will have you swinging your hips in no time. For an electronic record it's super soothing, fresh, unique, and distances itself from the rest of the batch on the shelf at Rough Trade. Ibifornia comes to you super highly recommend and should be embraced if you're looking for fresh sounds to bring home.

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