Of Montreal "Innocence Reaches"

It's easy to claim that Of Montreal just might be the most productive band in show business. We can't seem to go by a year without a new release from this eight piece mammoth of an artistic expression. Kevin Barnes' hasn't strayed from the formula, and on their fourteenth full length, Innocence Reaches sticks to a proven formula that has gotten the band to their current acclaim.
     While certainly no False Priest, the band does do what we love them for and their angle on psychedelic pop hasn't thinned out in eclectically capturing sonic audioscapes that haunt our sound systems. "Les Chants De Maldoror" display a Vines' type of vibe and bring the group back to Earth, but there are still countless variables getting tossed around in the rear. Saxophones, keyboards, flutes, and infinite pieces of a puzzle that never seems to be complete continue to rain, amassing for another classic release.

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