Coheed And Cambria "The Color Before The Sun"

I am one of those few who thought this band would have disbanded after they wrapped up their Armory Wars saga. Those first three albums were super-turbo, and for a while it seemed like the band was going to take over the work. After IV, I expected some Star Wars-esque finish, but instead got No World For Tomorrow which was really a disappointment personally. No big hooks that were too captivating and the single wasn't really anything I can remember without going back and revisiting the track. 
     This created distance from the band, and I skimmed over the next three releases, and it didn't sound like those albums really have any standout moments like their first three releases. On their eighth album, Coheed sounds like, well Coheed. What's missing however is those stand out choruses and explosive moments of sheer passion. The songs play and sound like Coheed songs, and they're a good band. But gone are those captivating elements that lured us in their foundations. Those pop elements remain, but their flat and watered down and it sounds like all the band's ideas have really been exploited in the first half of their career.
     This far along in their journey, Coheed has cemented themselves as a career band instead of just a cool concept spread between comics and vinyl. But what was once such a standout act amongst a sea of monotony, has now become just as flat and stale as the scene it tried to distance itself from. Besides the trumpets at the end of "Peace To The Mountain" there's hardly a memorable moment found on this release.

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