Crown The Empire "Retrograde"

If Crown The Empire would only be as interested in their music as much as they are in finding samples and loops to kick off their songs then perhaps we'd have something to reminisce about here. The band falls in line with the countless other acts that are trying to line up under Of Mice & Men's successful ability to reignite the nu-metal sounds of late 90's/early 00's second stage acts. 
     "Are You Coming With Me?" is a desperate attempt to do anything Vanna or BMTH have already achieved on several of their albums. Song after song, it feels as if this is a product created by a producer in a factory somewhere selling "albums in a box" to kids, who just pay their way to have this sound pumped out of a studio. While the band seems to have a respectable draw to their live shows, the songs on the album don't have enough of a drive to make a lasting impression and you don't really walk away humming any of the sing alongs.

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