Ghost "Popestar"

Grammy-winning, epic rock ballad connoisseur's Ghost emerge with yet another spectacular collection, this time in the form of covers (with one original) that showcase a sound so grandiose, it almost warrants AOTY contention.
     Ghost have long been a spectacle to behold, with a wild visual presence that keeps the band almost a complete mystery. While Papa certainly isn't ashamed or afraid of the spotlight, the band's grim mystique has lured thousands of followers, catapulting the band's prior releases to respectable chart topping credibility. While the aggressive undertones of the band have completely diminished from their most recent full length to this latest collection, the strength of the songwriting and the skill set on composition have almost become magical, if not entirely wondrous in nature, painting lush soundscapes of professional arena-bound rock that serenade the listeners with comfort in quality.
     The songs selected here are a superb cast with some of the best interpretations of true classics, showing a relative side of Ghost, making those unfamiliar with the originals wonder their true intentions. For some, they may not even be aware they're not Ghost classics. The true highlights are "Mercury Man" and "Nocturnal Me," which are songs so strong that they almost put the rest of the band's catalogue to shame.
     There's no telling where the Ghost saga will cement itself in the wide range of rock music, but it's evident that with their compelling allure, strong visual elements, and superb, mature songwriting that they have the potential to gain the slot of the festival headliner and gain the notoriety that has only been tailored to a select few in the past twenty years. 

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