Heaven Shall Burn "Wanderer"

Years into their career, Heaven Shall Burn seem set on giving us more of their debut. What exactly are they trying to prove? That gothenburg is still a thing? That metalcore still exists without crap melodies? The riffs are all prearranged versions of everything we heard getting introduced to proper modern metal in the late 90's and early 2000's, and it's hard to believe the band is still pumping out records.
     Not that Wanderer is a garbage release. It's far from it. It's got great production, no cringe worthy vocals, and a drummer that knows how to put Dethklok to shame. There's just no new ground here, and when there are necessary and essential releases all around us, Heaven Shall Burn aren't doing much so that they aren't instantly forgettable. At a time of declining sales and interest, perhaps just festival appearances and tours to keep the sound alive are all that's necessary.

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