Hesitation Wounds "Awake For Everything"

As a supergroup of sorts featuring Jeremy Bolm alongside current Slipknot drummer Jay Weinberg, Hesitation Wounds comprise an HXC DNA with a string section compromised of former Suicide File, Hope Conspiracy and Trap Them members.
     In its totality, this sounds like an awesome Everytime I Die release. While Bolm isn't really stretching himself here, instead just sounding like what he does in Touché, the music aspect of the band certainly finds the dudes adhering to different character.  Weinberg's contributions are certainly welcome, finding himself finally laying down tracks he's responsible for writing, instead of playing the part for legacy acts he's helped support in the past.
     It's a decent album that makes for good listening, and it's obviously necessary to hear the band collectively connect as they all come from such varied experiences. The songs at their core are hardcore driven, and it's obvious this can inspire piles upon piles of fans diving off the stage of this ever makes it into an intimate venue. If Hesitation Wounds can find time aside of their brutal schedules to take the show on the road, they could find themselves swamped with attention. 

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