Hundredth "Dead Weight"

While there's endless development on every release, Hundredth consistently seem to struggle to find that peak they achieved on When Will We Surrender. This single gives us an opportunity to dissect their catalogue in brief detail.
     Let Go found the band expanding their sound so much that it practically alienated their foundations formed on their debut. The album was so highly anticipated after that first release, that it's almost obvious as to why it fell short. The Resist/Revolt saga didn't really have any impact either, seeing the band scramble to generate more products to showcase in front of their fans who may have stepped away after the prior release. Once again the band was found expanding a sound they dominated but still walked away sounding flat and uninspired. On Free it seems as if they finally got it together, finally getting it right, and found sensations in their origins and wrote a collection of catchy tunes.
     On this two track single, it's more of what we've come to expect. Mundane rock songs similar to everything Rise Records is pumping out of the factory. It seems Hopeless is starting to do the same. There was a time when Hundredth appeared to be the next Misery Signals. With half a dozen releases in their bag, I think we can finally extinguish those expectations. 

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