Soilwork "Death Resonance"

This collection of aged Soilwork tracks is a great addition to fans of the band. For those who have missed out on their twenty year career and are only getting up to speed now, what's loaded on Death Resonance is a batch akin to Killswitch Engage that displays the origins of a sound we've all become too familiar with over time.
     Soilwork are pioneers of sorts. Taking the In Flames/At The Gates sound and truly making it their own. While album opener "Helsinki" sounds like it can be found on modern rock radio (well, maybe in the middle of the night), the musicianship is all top notch. Every member of Soilwork is a genius on their instrument and this collection only helps to spotlight each member through a rough collection of overlooked b-sides and mixes.    
     While this compilation may not be the best place to start with the band, it's certainly a great testament to what the group is capable of and has been doing for the better part of the past two decades and it doesn't seem like they're taking the foot off the gas pedal any time soon.

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